>> Saankhya -iSaankhyaMasters update modified tool released.Sub type 113 also mapped and urban LBs mapping related Issue fixed. >> Sulekha 12th plan Sync Application Ver 4.0 released in http://support.ikm.in/patchrelease >> SevanaPension Common Unicode Script for Postoffice_LBname_Ward Master updations 22.07.2014.For Pension Unicode Updated LBs >> Sevana CR New Build 9.4.1 released on dt 20-07-2014. Patch located on FTP//From-IKM/06.SEVANA/SEVANA CR COMMON BUILD 9.4.1 DT 20-7-2014/. >> Soochika Build 3 (Front End & Back End) with Saankhya released
SlNo. Subject EventDate PostedBy
1 Specification of the Client computer is being modified. It is under the consideration of the Government. Modified specification will be release shortly Shine AR (04/11/2011)
2 Annual increment Order No.IKM/Estt/Increment/557/2010 Dated 28/02/2011 See Order Shine AR (04/03/2011)
3 All employees must submit the suly filled GPA Insurance Scheme Form-1 through their respective DCs within a period of 10days Shine AR (07/01/2011)
4 Note Regarding VPN Connection Sunil S Clappana (23/12/2010)
5 Helpdesk number Changed to 9847512121 Shine AR (08/09/2010)
6 Every technical staff should submit their Service History in the prescribed format on or before 31 may 2010, Format attached. Order by ECD Shine AR (27/05/2010)
7 Salary Arrear - List of employees who have negative salary. List available at http://support.ikm.in/files/arrear_negative.html 31/03/2010Shine AR (31/03/2010)
8 Govt Orders search facility Shine AR (22/08/2008)
9 Attendance and Settlements K Premkumar (22/02/2008)
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