>> SevanaPension Common Unicode Script for Postoffice_LBname_Ward Master updations 26.11.2014.For Pension Unicode Updated LBs >> SaankhyaWinservice Updation to all lbs >> Saankhya Winservice Updation Only FOR Urban Local bodies 25nov14 >> Soochika modification tool after build 5. Do it in LB's (Panchayaths) where build 5 is updated >> New patch for sthapana web available in support.ikm.in (if your Lb's have any problem about transfer will rectified in this patch. you are already transferd details, dont want to run this patch
SlNo. Subject EventDate PostedBy
1 Specification of the Client computer is being modified. It is under the consideration of the Government. Modified specification will be release shortly Shine AR (04/11/2011)
2 Annual increment Order No.IKM/Estt/Increment/557/2010 Dated 28/02/2011 See Order Shine AR (04/03/2011)
3 All employees must submit the suly filled GPA Insurance Scheme Form-1 through their respective DCs within a period of 10days Shine AR (07/01/2011)
4 Note Regarding VPN Connection Sunil S Clappana (23/12/2010)
5 Helpdesk number Changed to 9847512121 Shine AR (08/09/2010)
6 Every technical staff should submit their Service History in the prescribed format on or before 31 may 2010, Format attached. Order by ECD Shine AR (27/05/2010)
7 Salary Arrear - List of employees who have negative salary. List available at http://support.ikm.in/files/arrear_negative.html 31/03/2010Shine AR (31/03/2010)
8 Govt Orders search facility Shine AR (22/08/2008)
9 Attendance and Settlements K Premkumar (22/02/2008)
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